i’m sure anyone who actually reads these posts, is a family member (hi mom! ♥️) or friends, to which they already know that we have packed up and moved to lincoln, ca from the bay area. but for the two people who *might* (fingers crossed) be reading this, that doesn’t know me…

this decision came rather quickly, but everything just fell into place. no red flags. it felt good every step of the way. from looking at houses, to learning about schools, we felt that the rocklin/lincoln area would be the perfect place to raise olivia and plant our roots.

we moved two and a half hours away from friends and family. some days it’s been hard. but for the most part, it’s been so good. we know we’re just a drive away if we ever need to visit. but we moved two and a half hours away, and we know more people around here than we realized. so really, it’s good. and we bought a house!!!! i still have to pinch myself sometimes.

but one family we knew for sure that lived in lincoln, was this incredible family! my husband and i, along with gillian and mike, all went to high school together back in los gatos, ca. when we got settled, you bet they were one of the first families we connected with! sophie and gracie are right around olivia’s age, so they play. we play. it works out great!

i’m so happy we moved.