last august, on the first day of kindergarten, olivia ran out of her classroom holding hands with the sweetest girl with cutest little ringlets! she introduced her as penelope and within a matter of seconds, i was meeting her mom, maddy. i’m pretty sure it was meant to be, because penelope and her mom are awesome. then we met sister cece and dad; geoff. such a great family. not enough kind things to say about them. our daughters became fast friends and us adults have been hanging out too! it’s been great getting to meet new friends in our new town!

with the anticipation of growing my photography business in our new county, i reached out to our new friends to offer a complimentary session. and my goodness, i’m so glad i did! such a fun family to photograph! they didn’t miss a beat! with each giggle and twirl, i couldn’t have asked for a better session… or better light!!