taking a little walk down memory lane… back to november 2018 when we visited this magical, little place in the middle of nowhere. well, it’s off the mccloud river, near shasta, but it feels like nowhere when there’s no electricity (only propane) + no wireless or cell service. off-the-grid. it was amazing.

although we’re unable to go back for our third year this year, we are anxiously waiting until next time…


last year, i met ashlie while we were both bridesmaids in a mutral friends wedding. i later found out that she was recently engaged, so we planned a super fun engagement shoot in the sand dunes, in marina, ca! we pretty much got blown away, the winds were insane. luckily, it made for some pretty fun photos! nothing better than hair blowin’ in the wind!

i’m super stoked to photograph their wedding next month in costa rica + can’t wait to share what we capture there!


this sweet family reached out to me last december to capture some family memories for them. irene, who was referred to me by another client, expressed her love for my photographic style and the way i can capture a moment. my heart exploded! with her being located in the bay area, i decided to squeeze them in on an already planned trip back to the bay, the following weekend. she was stoked! i was stoked! it was a match made in heaven! we had so much fun walking around rancho san antonio snapping these images! can’t wait ‘til next time!


last august, on the first day of kindergarten, olivia ran out of her classroom holding hands with the sweetest girl with cutest little ringlets! she introduced her as penelope and within a matter of seconds, i was meeting her mom, maddy. i’m pretty sure it was meant to be, because penelope and her mom are awesome. then we met sister cece and dad; geoff. such a great family. not enough kind things to say about them. our daughters became fast friends and us adults have been hanging out too! it’s been great getting to meet new friends in our new town!

with the anticipation of growing my photography business in our new county, i reached out to our new friends to offer a complimentary session. and my goodness, i’m so glad i did! such a fun family to photograph! they didn’t miss a beat! with each giggle and twirl, i couldn’t have asked for a better session… or better light!!


my baby sister got engaged to this super rad guy! we couldn’t have asked for a better partner for her. he’s funny. pretty hilarious actually. rides a motorcycle. has tattoos and a pit bull. he’s kinda badass and right up my sisters alley! but the best part about him, is his wonderful daughter, riley! she’s six, and olivia and her get along so well. so, olivia gets a new cousin. my sister gets a husband and the world is now a better place!

when kelsey asked me to take their engagement photos, i didn’t hesitate one bit. i drove to scott’s valley one afternoon, back in october, and met kelsey + kevin at their place. we headed out to davenport and found some rad spots along highway 1. i had so. much. fun photographing these two. and they’re pretty easy on the eyes, so that helps a little ;)


a few months ago, i had a session scheduled with this incredible family. and the best part? i get to call them MY family… all thanks to marrying my husband!

the plan was to head to san francisco and find some awesome outdoor location and get to shootin’. but, it was the same weekend that our entire state decided to be on fire; so we kind of had to rearrange our plans. luckily for us, san francisco has some pretty rad outdoor locations ANNNDDD some wonderful indoor locations… such as the de young museum. so we packed up and headed out for a few hours. when we got there, we were surprised to find out that someone had paid for an entire day of admissions, as a result of the poor air quality, for anyone who wanted to go! there are some pretty great people in this world!

we had so much fun. and i could photograph here every day.


i’m sure anyone who actually reads these posts, is a family member (hi mom! ♥️) or friends, to which they already know that we have packed up and moved to lincoln, ca from the bay area. but for the two people who *might* (fingers crossed) be reading this, that doesn’t know me…

this decision came rather quickly, but everything just fell into place. no red flags. it felt good every step of the way. from looking at houses, to learning about schools, we felt that the rocklin/lincoln area would be the perfect place to raise olivia and plant our roots.

we moved two and a half hours away from friends and family. some days it’s been hard. but for the most part, it’s been so good. we know we’re just a drive away if we ever need to visit. but we moved two and a half hours away, and we know more people around here than we realized. so really, it’s good. and we bought a house!!!! i still have to pinch myself sometimes.

but one family we knew for sure that lived in lincoln, was this incredible family! my husband and i, along with gillian and mike, all went to high school together back in los gatos, ca. when we got settled, you bet they were one of the first families we connected with! sophie and gracie are right around olivia’s age, so they play. we play. it works out great!

i’m so happy we moved.


i’ll be honest. i suck at blogging. i suck at sharing on a consistent basis. rather, i post in spurts and in turn, look like a crazy lady who doesn’t know what she’s doing. and yes, i also talk about myself in third person. someone please send help.

although blogging isn’t my strong point, i’d like to think taking pictures is. so, with that said, here’s my attempt to share. then not post for another 47 days. or, post 7 times in the next day. depends.

this adorable family met me one saturday morning to hang out and play in the leaves. it makes my heart happy when clients trust me to capture these moments. i might dance around like a monkey or make silly noises, but i promise! i know what i’m doing! xo