>>> I'M JAIME <<<

i'm a wife + a mom. 

my husband makes me laugh. a lot.

but my daughter makes me laugh more.

i have a cat + a dog.

i also love succulents.

i'm awkward. run into walls + doorways more than i'd like to admit and put chapstick on 14 times a day.

my perfect day would be spent with my little family, with our toes in the sand, soaking up the sun at the beach. preferably with my camera in one hand, and a nice, cold hazy IPA in the other. 

music rocks my world. maggie rogers, james blake, radiohead, bon iver, alabama shakes and yes, even justin timberlake will rotate on shuffle in my car + house.

and last but definitely not least... i'm a picture taker + memory maker.

on most days, i'm drifting off in space, imagining my next photo shoot. i dream about taking photos and i hope i can take yours too. are you ready?